My field of activity

CLUB EFLER project manager, independent pharmacist, dowsing operator, specialist in naturopathy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, multidimensional polar medicine

Andrey Shirokov

My area of work includes:

– herbal medicine, traditional and innovative methods of extraction;
– electronic homeopathy, preparation of information preparations from natural raw materials;
– Extremely High Frequencies (EHF), hardware methods of correction through exposure to certain frequency spectra;
– preparation and selection (biolocation, Fohl’s method) of information preparations both in a wide and in a narrow spectral wave range;
– polar (L.G. Puchko) and multidimensional (E.A. Gulyaev) medicine, dowsing;
– psychosomatics of illnesses (stresses as a trigger, and how we extinguish them, driving them into the body) and the metaphysics of our life (“Lord, why do I need this?”)
I OFFER patients individual health programs. And for each, that measure and those types of means that meet the current needs and approval of the patient:
– a standard selection of natural remedies for symptoms and diagnoses (and we have our own non-pharmacy warehouse of natural remedies, not network marketing, these are more than 1200 items selected based on reviews);
– assessment of current treatments and replacement of chemical drugs with natural remedies;
– detailed in-depth analysis of the state by polling and dowsing methods;
– selection of phytotherapy by dowsing method;
– dowsing selection and production of individual homeopathic records;
– evaluation of psychosomatic disorders;
– joint work on understanding the metaphysical processes in the fate of the patient (I act only as an operator – conductor).

I myself am an inveterate materialist, a chemist, and I understand how people distrust any unofficial methods of influence and analysis. And I will easily offer an effective and economical healing program for the deepest atheist who bypasses the topic of the soul and subtle structures. But upon request and readiness, we can step over the barriers and obstacles imposed by the environment. And plunge into the world of subtle feeling, checking the data obtained with knowledge and logic.

and not so important, we will be with you:
– work with the generic program (we all come from childhood, on which all psychotherapy is based);
– to correct discharges of thin bodies, layers of spheres, sectors of thin-plane devices (and Man is also a biocomputer);
– to correct the broken codes of the wave genome (the one that academician Goryaev knows so much about);
– or just figure out what urgently needs to be removed from the diet and which natural remedy will replace the purchase of 10 completely useless or harmful products in beautiful packaging. RESULT matters.

It is IMPORTANT that according to your response I will not leave any change without attention and a competent explanation

This is extremely important, because an organism that is not yet completely cleansed can be misunderstood through accumulated pollution. Lack of minerals, vitamins, energy or water often leads to habitual, but not entirely justified actions in the form of dubious drinks or extremely heavy modified raw materials. Or even leads to medicines and hospitals.

THERE ARE NO DISEASES – there are only painful conditions.

– DIAGNOSIS of the medical system is a programmable blocking of self-healing possibilities.
But a MAN IS HEALING EASILY if desired.
– We DO NOT TREAT, but provide competent PROGRAMS according to our experience of healing.

– There are NO PERMANENT, chronic or fatal DISEASES.
There is only a loss of integrity. GOAL IS HEALTH. This is complete independence from any means of treatment. I personally do not even take dietary supplements. If I DO NOT GIVE A FULL ANSWER to a specific diagnosis or health complaints with a clear program of EXIT FROM THE GRIP OF DIAGNOSIS, then you will not pay me, but I will pay you for your concern.

Sincerely yours, ANDREY SHIROKOV